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Starron Screw Press

Reviewed by: Dr Shittu
Date created: 15/02/2017
Review location: Mushin Lagos
Equipment manufacturer: Starron Nigeria Ltd , Lagos , Nigeria


The equipment is used to press freshly grated or fermented cassava mash to moisture content below 45% in preparation for subsequent processing like drying and roasting.

The equipment has a frame with base dimension of 40 by 40 cm and height of 120 cm

Technical specifications

Fuel type: 
Pressure source: 
Jack tonnage: 
Materials used: 
Mild steel and Aluminum
Design and fabrication: 
Simple design. Joints in the frame are welded. The design is expected to make pressure become evenly transferred to product by means of a flat plate attached to the screw that easily fits into frame. Basement of frame is not perforated to allow collection drained fluid from product through an outlet pipe. The frame is guarded only on two sides to hold product firmly during pressing. According to manufacturer, the design of the frame makes it flexible to use hydraulic jack as source of pressure.
Quality of output: 
Not assessed during review.
Obviously the design could make safe operation
Maintenance required: 
Easy to maintain. Cleaning of frame is required after each use. Apply grease to lubricate screw.
Spare parts: 

Concluding remarks

The technical information here was provided by manufacturer. According to manufacturer, the presser has maximum capacity of 1 ton/24-h day. The Operational condition and efficiency of the press is yet to be established. The guard may require some modifications to enhance better pressure distribution.