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Nobex Mechanical Press

Reviewed by: Dr Shittu
Date created: 19/03/2017
Review location: Open Door Factory, Ota, Ogun State
Equipment manufacturer: Nobex Tech Company Ltd , Lagos , Nigeria


The equipment is used to remove excess water from grated or retted cassava meal in preparation for drying or roasting. It consists of two major units, namely, the frame (for receiving the product) and the mechanical press unit for transferring load on to the product.

Technical specifications

Input capacity per batch: 
Ouput capacity per batch: 
Duration per batch: 
Fuel type: 
Pressure source: 
Hydraulic ram
Jack tonnage: 
Materials used: 
Cast iron (frame) and wood (press plate as accessory)
Design and fabrication: 
Simple design. Unguarded front side for easy uploading and offloading of product. Design of frame is fixed for hydraulic jacking only. The press has removable wooden press plate for distributing pressure on wet product during de-watering.
Quality of output: 
Not quantitatively covered during review. Visual assessment of pressed cake showed that it is dry enough for subsequent drying. No obvious contamination of pressed cake.
Operation is entirely safe.
Maintenance required: 
Cleaning of frame after each use. Periodic coating of frame is needed to prevent rust, due to wet operations.
Spare parts: 

Concluding remarks

Due to wooden material used for the press plate, it may require more frequent replacement. Technical specification is based on information from manufacturer. Operational efficiency of the press need to be assessed.