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Adebash Mechanical Presser

Reviewed by: Dr Shittu
Date created: 21/03/2017
Review location: Adebash Company Site, Old Oyo Road, Ibadan
Equipment manufacturer: Adebash Manufacturing Company , Ibadan , Nigeria


The equipment is used to remove excess water from grated or retted cassava meal in preparation for dry processing; consists of two major units (frame & mechanical press units); to enhance even pressure distribution frame is matted internally preferably with stainless steel or non-corrosive metal gauze or hard wood sheets

Technical specifications

Input capacity per batch: 
Fuel type: 
Pressure source: 
Hydraulic ram
Jack tonnage: 
Materials used: 
Mild steel for frame and hanger, stainless steel for press plate
Design and fabrication: 
The design is unique as the cage is guarded in all direction; Joints are welded, fabrication quality is high
Quality of output: 
Not covered during review
Safe operation; no moving part apart from lever; remote possibility of hydraulic fluid spillage as the source of oil is outside the cage
Maintenance required: 
Replacement of fluid when necessary, clean frame after each operation; repaint frames to avoid rusting
Spare parts: 

Concluding remarks

Technical specification is as provided by manufacturer. Operational efficiency needs to be established.