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Business Profile of Unique Impact Global Foods Limited 1.0 Introduction Unique Impact Global Foods Limited was incorporated in 2013 as a limited liability Company and has just built a Food Processing Factory located at KM 5, along Akure Owo road, Akure Ondo State. 1.1 Mission Unique Impact Global Foods Limited is an integrated food processing company engaged in adding value to the nation’s agricultural resources to produce high quality products for exceptional customer satisfaction and benefits to Stakeholders in Nigeria, Africa and beyond. 1.2 Vision Unique Impact Global Foods Limited will develop into a world class food and renewable energy Company of Choice driven by shared commitment to excellence. 1.3 CORPORATE GOVERNANCE The Company’s organization structure is very simple and functional. It consists of a Board made up of Directors and a Managing Director. Functional Managers are also employed to implement business policies in collaboration with the Managing Directors. The Managing Director is responsible for the day to day running of the company, craft strategies, determine and execute the company’s production, sales policies and ensure regulatory compliance. He oversees the production, quality Control, maintenance, finance and marketing functions of the Company. 2.0 Installed Capacity Our Factory is an integrated Cassava processing facility and it is expected to process and produce any of the following products on daily basis. a. Process 20 metric tons of Raw Cassava tubers and produce 4 metric tons of High Quality Foods of either cassava Flour, Cassava Starch (food grade and industrial starch) or Casava Fufu Meal per day, and b. Process 12 metric tons and produce 3 metric tons of cassava Garri per day or Hence the factory has a planned Capacity to process 32 metric tons of Raw materials per day.
KM 5, Akure Owo Express Road
akure Ondo
Phone number: 
+234 8037 8814 66