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Our company has been working for more than 12 years in the field of design, development and production of the general industrial filtration equipment. The FTF-System focuses exclusively on the creation of high-quality domestic product, that’s why our equipment for oil mill in Ukraine has no equal in reliability and performance. We are always oriented towards new developments, thus all our equipment has many brand new technological advantages over existing on the market foreign analogues. We always focus on new developments, so our filters have a lot of fundamentally new technological developments and advantages over existing on the market foreign analogues. Sunflower oil production requires the mandatory improvement of gustatory characteristics and marketable condition of the finished product through the use of industrial filters, which eliminates mechanical impurities and heavy fats from the composition. Using Danker lines of filtration and post-processing of seed oil in the production process allows you to rationalize resource consumption, increase productive capacity and minimize costs associated with waste disposal. The price of equipment for sunflower oil production in Ukraine depends on many factors, the main ones of which are effectiveness and productive capacity.
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